Colorful Water Filled Cooling Baby Teether

Colorful Water Filled Cooling Baby Teether

Product description:


Colorful water filled cooling baby teether

1. Material

Mae from advanced EVA material
2. Characteristics
The soft hard moderate EVA materials, water passes through the strict disinfection sterilization, health, safety, do not hurt the root, massage and protect the function of the gums, at ease with gum itching at the same time, with the appropriate softness, is not easy to damage, tear, high temperature resistant 80 degrees, and can train your baby s teeth and gums, and enhance the bite force of intelligence, make baby easy to chew on, the surface all kinds of trunk can up fit chew on ways to make changes. Help the baby baby teeth health development.
3, How to choose the tooth gum?
1. Check whether accord with a country safety and health inspection standard
2. Material shold be non-toxic.
3. Don t choose a small object tooth gum, avoid the risk of baby swallowed by.
4. Shape should be easy to grask for baby
5. Should check whether there is leakage phenomenon if buy water filled baby teether
4. Attention

1. Suggest to buy more than two piece teether for taking terns using.
2. When one is using, the other can be kept refrigerated layer cooling standby.
3. Do not place in the frozen layer, please strictly comply with the commodity specification.
4. Clean with warm water and the consumption level of detergent washing, then reoccupy clear water is rinsed, then can use with a clean towel
5. Do not use boiling water, steam, microwave oven, dishwasher disinfection or cleaning.
6. Before and after each use, please first check carefully, if there is any breakage, should stop to use.