Pen Type Clinical Electronic Baby Thermometer\ Digital Body...

Pen Type Clinical Electronic Baby Thermometer\ Digital Body...

Product description:

Pen type clinical electronic baby thermometer/ digital body thermometer KS6035

Digital electronic thermometer: be both safe and practical thermometer, no longer worry about the children to use traditional temperature time because of the broken glass caused by mercury poisoning and other adverse consequences.

And in a short time accurate test out of body temperature, the necessary for household supplies. Designed for baby design, ground thermal time for about 1 minute.

Measurement accuracy of 0.1 degrees, with voice prompt, memory function. Can be used in oral cavity quantity method, oxter quantity method and rectal quantity method.

Measuring range: 32 ° C ~ 42 °

Measuring temperature lower than 32 ° C , then showing L ° C

Measuring temperature is higher than 42 ° C, then showing H ° C

Accuracy of measurement: + / - 0.1 ° C

Power supply voltage: DC1.5 V

Physical size: 130 (long) * 17 (wide) * 10 (thick) mm

weight: about 11 grams

Usin instruction:
1, before using, should be first to use alcohol to clinical thermometer sensing head for disinfection

2, press the power button, buzzer will beeping, display the tooltip symbol

3, then, display shows the last measurement temperature, and lasts 2 wonderful clock, and then display ° C symbol scintillation, says it has to be tested in a state

4, will thermometer sensing head into the measurement site, display shows gradually rising temperatures. At the same time ° C symbol flash to indicate the measuremen. Measurement such as continuous and wonderful temperature constant, the ° C symbol stop twinkle, said the temperature measurement and already memory measurement results.
Can read shows that value.

5, after measurement, the if not press the power button to turn off the power supply, then after 10 minutes to be automatic shutdown

pen type clinical electronic baby thermometer
1 Accuracy 0.1c.
pen type clinical electronic baby thermometer
body thermometer
1 anti-bacterial materials, health and safe
2 Fever alarm
3 Last time memory
4 Low battery alarm
5 Auto off
6 Flexible tip and cartoon design
7 Oral, rectal, or underarm use
8 Beep when finish taking temperature
Technical Specification
1 Temperature Range 32.0-42.9Celsius (89.6-109.2° F)
2 Precision 0.1Celsius (0.2° F)
3 Resolution 0.1Celsius (0.1° F)
4 Last time memory
5 Power Supply DC1.5v for AG3 (LR41)
6 Battery life: about 2000 times measurement
7 Measure time 10s, 30s, 60s optional
8 weight 29g (including storage case)
9 Standard: Clinical thermometer EN12470-3: 2000 and ASTM E1112-00