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Product description:

Description Round shape silicone breast shield ;
[ characteristics ]
1, ease pain, suitable for nipple crack mother;
2, help nipple flat, sag, short and not feeding the baby's mother to breastfeed;
3, for teething baby nipple play a protective role;
4, It can relieve pain when baby suck nipple hardly.
5, help weaning stage by breastfeeding baby transition to use bottle.

The parenting points
1, for nipple flat or sag mother, first can let baby use breast shield to suck, once nipple trunk, then take out breast shield, and let baby sucking directly. So it won't waste colostrum
which contain Immune factor, at the same time make shield use more durable.

2, The baby who suck milk directly, is repulsive for feeding bottle and nipples, cab use silicone breast shield to help baby transition.

FDA, SGS report supported.
Material: liquid silicone rubber;
Type: round and half round type
protect breast to reduce pain
close to brease to avoid air-out
soft and comfortable, not easy to break
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