4oz\120ml Bpa Free PP Baby Feeding Milk Bottle

4oz\120ml Bpa Free PP Baby Feeding Milk Bottle

Product description:


4oz/ 120ml Bpa Free PP Baby Feeding Milk Bottle
PP feeding bottle

The traditional method is to use adult wrist temperature or with the mouth temperature, these are not convenient and has to avoid deviation, especially with the mouth temperature, extremely easy to adult oral of virus and harmful germs to children to cause secondary pollution.

bottle is made of BPA free PP raw material, does not contain harmful composition, Healthy environmental protection, is the main material of bottle in European and American countries market.

1. Volume: 4oz/ 120ml
2. Nipple material: liquid silicone rubber (LSR)
3. Bottle material: polypropylene, BPA free
4. Style: standard neck, arc- shape.
5. Brand name: OEM/ customer logo can print
6. Normal packing: Polybag/ pc, carton packed. Color box packing as customer s request.

use special nipple brush to clean lsr nipples. No need add detergent. First use boiled water to soak when cleaning, with bottle brush to remove and dry after Stay on the surface of the nipple milk hysteresis has totally soluble in water.

Boiling water Disinfection
Put the bottles components apart in water heating to boil 5-10 minutes. And then take out to dry. Boiling time shoulds not be too long.