Litfly Lita Fu | Beauty cucumber slicer cucumber mask fun DIY beauty knife cut cucumber

Litfly Lita Fu | Beauty cucumber slicer cucumber mask fun DIY beauty knife cut cucumber

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product name £ Litfly cucumber slicer
  • Color category: slice-rose-white slice-Orange-slice King size Red King size blue-pink Pencil Sharpener sharpeners-Pencil Sharpener-large pink Pencil Sharpener-large yellow Pencil Sharpener-small-blue pencil sharpener small red pencil sharpener-small-pink Pencil Sharpener small yellow
  • Beauty Tools category: facial beauty toiletries
  • Beauty Tools category: other
  • Beauty tools: other/other
  • Brand: Litfly
  • Makeup/beauty tools item: cucumber slicer
  • Specifications type: normal
  • For skin: any skin
  • Origin: China
  • Shelf life: 3 years

Brand: Litfly/Rita Fu
Name: Cucumber slicer

Long 11.8cm; Overall width: 5.3cm; Blade length: 5.5cm! Manual measurement error about 0.5cm, please understand!

Origin: China Market price:
For one group: For all skin types
Product introduction:

Why cucumbers ' good merchantable brand of beauty ', has long been popular; How to make a cucumber mask more and more beauty concern is simple and effective, Rita Liv to recommend to you a cut cucumber slicer:

1, Easy cut out very thin-melons;

2, stainless steel blade, sharp well, cut out the pieces evenly and quickly;
3, Optimum environmental protection resin case, Ease of use;
4, Bring your own mirror, Cut pieces can be attached to the face right away;
5, Clamshell design, When not closed out, portable 噠!

Method of use:

1, prepare a wash cucumbers, a clean container;
2, cut the cucumber into two pieces, then place the slicer on top of a container;
3, align the cucumber cut slicer blade, a little push;
4, until the piece almost cut, cucumber slices directly attached to the cheek, forehead, etc;
5, until 15 minutes later, washed with water, and then apply lotion, lotion and essence.

1, because of sharp, use be careful not to scratch the hand;
2, baby, rinse after use please wipe dry with a dry towel;
3, away from open flame, do not place under high temperature environments such as sun exposure;
4, at the place where child can't touch, so as to avoid accidents;