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Double eyelid tape transparent ventilation invisible natural double eyelid affixed to the United States head viscose fiber sent scissors

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Product parameters:

  • Net content: 8m
  • Double eyelid Product Category: double eyelid tape
  • Brand: marlliss / Mariece
  • Double eyelid paste / glue single product: 3M
  • Specifications Type: Normal size
  • Effect: waterproof other / other
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Origin: United States
  • Suitable for all skin types

The inner ring color is divided into red and blue, random hair, the quality is the same!

'Features ''

* Waterproof, breathable, safe, hypoallergenic!

It is absolutely necessary to sell a pair of eyelid tape on the market. , So still according to their own characteristics of the eye to cut Oh. Want to change the charming double eyelid? Want to make their own double eyelid eyes bigger? Cut a cut, paste a stickers, arbitrary, all in the 3M beautiful paste!

Paste the stickers of the United States
A, inside the eyes: can cut a little wide point.
B, outside the corner of the eye drooping: the back can be cut slightly wider, by the eyes of the visual increase.
C, within the corner of the eye drooping: the front can be cut slightly wider.
D, single eyelid: not swollen, first in the fold line posted a, next to the pressure in the next one.
E, single eyelid: more swollen, first in the fold line at the end of the paste, and then posted in the positive.
Step1: cut a length of the tape with the length of the eye.There are more traces of color than the transparent tape!

Step2: eyes closed Check the length and width of the paste. Monocular beauty can be free to play, want to have obvious folds, cut a little thick, attached to the location of the higher eyelids; within the double beauty can be affixed than the original high 2mm place; an eye outside the double-eye double, on the outside of the eyes of the pleat height as the standard.

Step 3: cut the fine meniscus double eyelid paste. Eye head and eye tail to be cut more fine, the middle left a little thick to paste the desired thickness of the pleats.

Step4: from the eye to the end of the eye paste. Paste before, to determine the eyelid clean, paste effect was lasting!

Step 5: tighten the most easy to tilt the tail of the tape. A tape with a fake eyelashes out half of the same ugly! 90% of the fool is because there is no sticky, be sure to severely press!

Step6: After the foundation, the tape becomes not obvious. Foundation liquid, powder, cream can be, but the liquid foundation natural, not easy card powder in the tape edge!

Step7: and then on a layer of light brown eye shadow, looks natural skin color eye shadow of the eye, open eyes, the tape disappeared in the invisible.