Transparent ventilation eyelid tape affixed beautiful eyes eyelid stickers invisible natural fiber strips sent scissors

Transparent ventilation eyelid tape affixed beautiful eyes eyelid stickers invisible natural fiber strips sent scissors

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Net weight: 8m
  • Eyelid Category: eyelid tape
  • Brand: marlliss / Maryse
  • Eyelid paste / glue single product: 3M
  • Specifications Type: normal specifications
  • Effect: Waterproof other / other
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Location: United States
  • Suitable for skin: Any skin

【Product Features

* Waterproof, breathable, safe, hypoallergenic!

* Studio - Professional makeup artist cosmetics cases absolutely necessary for a double eyelid tape on the market that have a good cut eyelid stickers are not suitable for everyone Oh, because everyone's eyes are different type sizes so go according to their own characteristics to crop eye Oh want to become a charming eyelid it? want to make their eyes look bigger eyelid it? needs cutting, posted a, arbitrary, all in 3M beautiful eyes posted!

Beautiful eyes affixed stickers Law
A, in the eyes: it can cut a slightly wider point.
B, the outer corner of the eye drooping: rearward be cut slightly wider, by the corner of the eye to improve vision.
C, in the eyes drooping: front can be cut slightly wider.
D, single fold: not swollen, posted first in a line of the fold, the pressure at the top next to a.
E, single fold: the more swelling, the first in the line of the eye folds down at the sheets of stickers and stickers in sheets positive.
Step1:. Cut a similar length of tape with the eye color is more transparent than the tape without leaving a trace!

. Step2: To stick with eyes closed Check the length and width folds beauty can be free to play, want to have a clear eye fold, cut it a little rough, eyelids stick in some high position; double beauty can be attached to eye fold higher than the original local 2mm; and an outer double one pair, the outside eyes eye fold height standards.

Step3: Cut thin crescent-shaped head and end of eye eyes eyelid stickers to cut quite thin, leaving the middle to put a little rough eye fold thickness desired.

Step4: by the end of eye to eye head stickers affixed before, make sure to clean the eyelids, paste the only lasting effect.!

Step5: pressing the easiest tape tilt to the end of eye lashes with a length of tape tilt to leave out half as ugly fool because 90% did not stick well, be sure to severely squeezed.!!

Step6: After the foundation, the tape becomes obvious liquid foundation, powder, Creme can be, but liquid foundation natural, easy card in pink tape Collage.!

Step7: then a layer of light brown eye shadow, eye shadow color looks natural cover-up, opened his eyes when the tape disappear.