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204 multi-use white glue | false eyelashes green glue | eyelash glue 7ml

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: marlliss / Marys
  • False eyelashes / false eyelashes tools a single product: 204 white plastic
  • Specifications Type: Normal Specification

204 glue

The smell is not pungent light, can quickly form a charm full of double-fold effect, real-time shaping the emotional, three-dimensional,

Charming eyes; make-up effect without leaving traces of nature, can be sustained for a day the ideal effect.

Can also be used to stick false eyelashes, free to create the eye makeup you want.

Can make your eye more vivid, more beautiful.

'Number' 204
'Specifications' 7ml
(In-kind shooting, a small amount of color)
'Shelf life' three years