50w Mini UFO LED Grow Light (GD-GL-50)

50w Mini UFO LED Grow Light (GD-GL-50)

Product description:

Basic Info.

Model NO.: GD-GL-50

Product Description

Features & Benefits
@ Up to 80% more energy efficient than HPS bulbs
@ Significant reduction in energy use - lower energy bills
@ Can be used with any indoor growing method - hydro gardening, soil or aeroponics
@ No need for additional cooling or fans
@ Safe to operate - no risk of exploding bulbs or burns
@ 50, 000 hour life cycle
@ Environmentally friendly
@ Two years warranty

Usage Info
Size / Dimensions: 175mm (Diameter) x60mm (Height)
Weight: 1.50kgs
50W mini UFO LED grow lights are suitable for all stages of plant growth.

Vegetative: 14-16 hours (on)
Flowering: 10-12 hours (on)
50W mini UFO LED grow light are intended for indoor gardens and greenhouses only.

Technical Specifications
LEDs (50qty*1W hight power) White: 5PCS Blue 450-460 (nm) 10 PCS
Red 620-630 (nm) or 650-660 (nm) 35 PCS
Operating Temperature: -4F~+104F / -20C~+40C
90W / 110v US or 220V European
Lumens / Luminous Flux: 1800Lm
CE certificate & RoHS Compliance

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