Supply of high-quality, natural white, no mineral lines, curved surface without burr ice cream stick.

Supply of high-quality, natural white, no mineral lines, curved surface without burr ice cream stick.

Product description:

In the remaining processing capacity: ⒌ million TEUs Annual maximum processing capacity: two hundred thousand TEUs Process: making segment, cooking, peeling, cutting, drying, computer primaries machine sorting, curved surfaces, summarized feeder summarized material, computer selection machine selection, testing, playing board packaging, truck storage.
Post-treatment: Drying Processing trade in the form of: processing trade The number of processing equipment: seventy
The main processing equipment: Peeling machine, punching machine, comb dryer, computer sorting machine, surface curved machine, large primary machine, along feeder. Product Name: ice cream bars
Ordering Information

Ordering Information: products sold in the international market, is a 20-foot carton packaging container, built 1100-1300 container products.
Products are sold to domestic and foreign markets, some cartons, some woven bag big trucks built 2700-3400 Box.
If you need a small amount, only picking station picking Preferably whole container or vehicle purchase. General also do so.


Shun edge (Huamao) Wood Company is located in the summit of the Greater Xing'an Mountains, ice cream stick manufacturers, mostly sold in Europe in general, less domestic ranking. The company has been to concentrate on ice cream stick production and management, has won the international and domestic market height Evaluation Features: Color natural white, no mineral line and waterline, hard and tough, because the growth in the Greater Xing'an Mountains primeval forest.
One advantage, product specifications size precision products through the computer first primaries, and sorting, curved surfaces, computer selection of packaging and storage.
Two advantages, convenience to customers, the timely shipment. Customer optimistic about the quality of products in Dalian, direct access to foreign ice cream factory production workshop intermediate customers do not need to worry about. The rest is foreign ice cream manufacturers also need the same product.
Disadvantages: Europe A-level product price is too high because the quality is good and stable during use no trouble.
European and American B-class products at reasonable prices .B-class products to ensure that thin, thick, curved in line with international market requirements.

Three advantages, products exported to Europe and other countries, only the customer money, you can put qualified products to customers warehouse.

Chinese customers are very peace of mind, effort, time and satisfaction !!!