Disc Tags

Disc Tags

Product description:

Product Description

Disc tags are transponders laminated between very thin foils. The foils can be made from different materials like PET, PETG, PVC or PC and protect the transponders from dust, dirt and humidity. For instance, PET material is appropriate for most pharmaceutical, medical and food applications. Disc tags are suitable for further assembling and labelling as they are easy to handle. Disc transponders are also available with adhesive foil on one side or with a central hole for easier tack.


Manufacturer125 kHz13.56 MHz
EM MarinEM4100
NXPHitag 1, 2, SMifare: Ultralight, Utralight C, Mini, Classic, Desfire, Plus
I-Code: SL1, SLI, SLI-S, SLI-L
Atmel ATA5575M1 ATA5575M2 ATA5577

Legic Prime: MIM256, MIM1024
Advant: ATC128, ATC256, ATC1024, ATC2048, ATC4096

Other ICs are available upon request.

DIMENSIONS (outer diameters in mm)

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