Jewellery Tag

Jewellery Tag

Product description:


Product Description

HF Tag for jewellery & other retail / small asset applications

Key features:
  • High frequency, read-write, tags with tie attach
  • Suitable for jewellery tagging and other retail stock management, security and point of sale applications
Item Description:
  • Dimensions (tag disk) : 38.0x19.0x2.5mm
  • Dimension (tie) : 38mm
  • Material: ABS (tag disk) ; cotton (tie)
  • Colour: White
  • Storage Temperature: -20oC to +85oC
  • IC: I-Code SLI
  • Operating Frequency: 13.56MHz
  • Memory: 1k bits read / write
  • Operating Temperature: 0oC to +85oC
  • Typically 8 – 15 days lead time for this item
  • Also available with SLI-L chip (512 bits read/ write memory)
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