RFID Inlay Prelams 3 x 8

RFID Inlay Prelams 3 x 8

Product description:

Product Description
Item Specification
Operation Freqency 125KHZ ~13.56MHZ
Chips Type EM series, Atmel series, NXP series, Infineon series
Material Cooper wire antenna and module with white matt PVC or PETG sheet

Layout Inlay can be in any antenna format (Round, Square, rectangle & etc) and any format (2x4, 3x7, 3x8, 4x8, 5x5, 6x8 & etc) . Loytech does provide customized Inlay. Please provide the Inlay drawing with details.
Thickness HF normal 0.45±0.02mm.
LF normal , 0.5±0.02mm
Antenna HF: AL Etching, Pre-winding Copper coil, Altrasonic Embeding;
LF: Pre-winding Copper Coli;
Dimension LF operating frequency (125 kHz)
Sheet size: Maximum 600mm x 700mm
Thickness: 0.50 mm ±0.02mm*

HF operating frequency (13.56 Mhz)
Sheet size: Maximum 600mm x 700mm
Thickness: 0.45mm ±0.03mm*

Adanvantage 1, the user can lower production cost and make personalized printing card;
2, shorten the production cycle, improve competitiveness;
3, according to the customer's request to customised.

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