Silicone RFID Wristband

Silicone RFID Wristband

Product description:


Product Description

Reading Distance 60mm
Base on H4102 chip, with EM9917 reader
Operating temperature -40oC to 100oC
Storage temperature -40oC to 120oC
Material Silicone
Water proof Y
GK4001 (125KHz, 64bit, R/ O) Y
EM4102 (125KHz, 64bit, R/ O) Y
I-Code (13.56MHz, 512bit, R/ W) Y
Mifare 1 (13.56MHz, 8Kbit, R/ W) Y
Temic E5557 (125KHz, 256bit, R/ W) Y
Hitag 1 (125KHz, 2048bit, R/ W) Y
Hitag 2 (125KHz, 256bit, R/ W) Y
Legic 256 (13.56MHz, 2048bit, R/ W) Y

1. Acid-proof
2. Alkali-proof
3. Constancy of properties over a wide temperature range
leading to large operating range (e.g. -80oC to 250oC)
4. Excellent resistance to oxygen, ozone and sunlight5. Flexibility
6. Anti-adhesive properties
7. Low chemical reactivity
8. Low toxicity

a. Membership expenditure management such as: Health Club , Golf Club or Swimming Club members.
b. Membership rental management such as yachting, sports, etc.

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