Contact Memory Smart Card FM4442 256-Bytes

Contact Memory Smart Card FM4442 256-Bytes

Product description:


Product Description

The FM4442 card is one of the mostly used contact memory card in security area, use as hotel key card, pre-payment etc.

About FM4442:

• Intelligent 256-Byte EEPROM
• Write Protection function on unique manufacturer code to identification of application.
• Programmable Security Code
• EEPROM Endurance minimum 100000 erase / write cycles
• Minimum of 10 years data storage time
• Contact configuration and serial interface in accordance to ISO standard 7816

Key Feature of FM4442 card :

• Dimensions: 86 x 54mm

• Thickness: 0.76mm-0.84mm

• Material: PVC, PET

• Surface: lamination (gloss/ matt)

• Data storage time: minimum 10 years

• Operating temperature: -20 to +60°C

• Stockage temperature: -20 to +65°C

Printing options

• Full color offset printing

• Silk-screen printing

• Silver/ Gold silk-screen printing background

• Personalization

Options for standart card

• Magnetic stripe: 300oe, 2750oe, 4000oe

• Numbering

• Barcode printing

• Signature panel

• Embossing


• Hotel key card
• Pre-payment

Payment Terms︰T/ T, Paypal
Packing︰200pcs/ Box, 1000pcs, 2000pcs, 3000pcs, 5000pcs/ Carton
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