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Prudential | 100T250 Head 40W | polyester printing mesh

Prudential | 100T250 Head 40W | polyester printing mesh
  • Prudential | 100T250 Head 40W | polyester printing mesh
Product code: 21411400001
Unit price: 42-47 CNY
Reference price: 6.1-6.83 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece 300KG Black White Yellow
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Our company specializing in the production Model: (10T25 250 mesh wire) (12T30 250 mesh wire) (16T40 200 mesh wire 180W) (60 mesh 24T140 line 120W) (27T70 120 mesh wire) (DPP80 mesh 32T-100W120 line) (DPP90 mesh 36T -90W100W) (DPP100 mesh 40T-80W) (DPP110 mesh 43T-80W) DPP120 mesh 48T-70W) (DPP130 mesh 51T-71W) (DPP140 mesh 55T-64W) (DPP150 mesh 59T-64 line) (DPP155 mesh 62T- 64W) (DPP160 mesh 64T-64W) (DPP180 mesh 72T-55W) (DPP180 mesh 72T-48W) (DPP195 mesh 77T-55W) (DPP200 mesh 80T-55W) (DPP200 mesh 80T-48W) (DPP230 mesh 90T-48W45W ) (DPP250 mesh 100T-40W39W) (DPP280 mesh 110T-39W) (DPP305 mesh 120T-35W) (DPP305 mesh 120T-40W) (DPP305 mesh 120T-34W) (DPP300 mesh 120T-31Y) (DPP350 mesh 140T-34W) (DPP350 mesh 355 mesh 140T-31Y) (DPP380 mesh 150T-31W) (DPP380 mesh 150T-31Y) (DPP420 mesh 165T-31W) (DPP420 mesh 165T-27Y) W for white (white), Y for yellow (yellow)
Application: widely used in PCB, electronics, plastics, metal, paper, textile and other industries and materials, due to the high tension network from small, peeling outstanding off-grid and ink, can get high-precision, high-quality printing results. Graphics screen printed CD, DVD printed electronics industry glass ceramics printing textile printing sporting goods printing.

Our company specialized production model, HENGFENGMESH, PET 1000, PET 1500. (10t25mesh250w) (12T30mesh250W) (16T40mesh200w180W) (60mesh24T140w120W) (27T70mesh120w) (DPP80mesh 32T-100W120W) (DPP90mesh36T-90W100W) (DPP100mesh 40T-80W) (DPP110mesh43T-80W ) DPP120mesh47T48T-70W) (DPP130MESH51T-71W) (DPP140mesh55T-64W) (DPP150mesh59T-64w) (DPP155mesh62T-64W) (DPP160mesh64T-64W) (DPP180mesh72T-55W) (DPP180mesh72T-48W) (DPP195mesh77T-55W) (DPP200mesh80T-55W) (DPP200mesh80T-48W) (DPP230mesh90T-48W45W) (DPP250mesh100T-40W39W) (DPP280mesh110T-39W) (DPP305mesh120T-35W) (DPP305mesh120T-40W) (DPP305mesh120T-34W) (DPP300mesh120T-31Y) (DPP350mesh140T-34W) (DPP350mesh355mesh140T-31Y) (DPP380mesh150T-31W) (DPP380mesh150T-31Y) (DPP420mesh165T-31W) (DPP420MESH165T-27Y) W (white), Y (yellow) You may find membrane switches everywhere in our common life, on which device as keypads and buttons of cellular phones , remote controls, calculators, machine controls, microwave ovens and other kitchen appliance. Graphic printing is requiredfor membrane switch manufacturing process. HENGFENGMESH polyester mesh can be used for membrane switch graphic overlaysscreen printing, which offers wide range of specifications for specific application.