QI Standard mobile wireless charger / 1688 wireless charging platform / Samsung NOTE2, 7100, I9300, I939, I4, I4S, I5 essential wireless phone charger

 QI Standard mobile wireless charger / 1688 wireless charging platform / Samsung NOTE2, 7100, I9300, I939, I4, I4S, I5 essential wireless phone charger

Product description:

- Wireless charging new direction

With the popularity of smart phones, tablet PCs and other portable or mobile electronic products also increased demand for power while wireless charging technology will be the focus of popular trends, but also at the same time bring new opportunities for the industry. At present, identity is a smart phone The most widely used wireless charging products, 2013 US Consumer Electronics Show ( CES 2013 ) Showcased a variety of wireless charging plate, directly to mobile phones and other devices for wireless charging. More auto manufacturers introduce new models of cars series, more built QI Standard charging means for equally QI Standard mobile phone charger. Foreseeable future wireless charging mode is a certain room for development, as the future standard introduced another step and technological development, wireless charging will be more widely used in many household appliances, such mixers, rice cookers, and so the future It can provide power through wireless charging technology.

- Wireless charging advantages and development

Wireless charging biggest advantage is convenience. With compatible wireless charging standard, different brands of products can also be charged via a wireless charging device. So, with the appliances need to carry chargers and power lines, as long as equipped with the relevant standards and common wireless charging mobile phones or electronic products, regardless of brand, will be able to offer wireless charging through there is a place to recharge. Of course, in addition to the mobile phone is still a lot of room for development, a lot of home appliances, medical equipment and automobiles, but also the development of wireless charging the way forward.

At present, there are four main wireless charging technology: magnetically coupled resonance ( Magneticresonance ) ,Electromagnetic induction ( Electromagnetic induction ), Laser light sensor ( Laser PowerBeaming ), Micro-wave conversion ( Micro-waveconversion ), Each with different advantages of the four technologies. And to go into the wireless charging market, also need to be certain of certification, the current market there are two main alliances to magnetic induction technology-based wireless charging Union ( WPC ), And magnetic resonance technology-based wireless charging with the United ( A4WP ), Their development of wireless charging standard certified wireless charging technology standard although not yet have a complete and uniform standards, but WPC We have developed a QI Charging standards and certification specifications, it is a major international charging standard. Temporarily QI It is the only certification standard for wireless charging.

to get ( QI ) Wireless charging certification, in addition to a certain technical certification, we have to face a variety of challenges, including: Safety standards, electromagnetic compatibility, portability, charging speed problem is an important part of the cost, because you want to join the industry needs to pay pay a certification fee includes entrance fee 1 Ten thousand 5 One thousand US dollars. Today, more than 100 Between vendor support, Japan, Europe and the United States, Taiwan and China members from manufacturers. As the market has considerable potential, according to international market research agency isuppli Budget, the future of wireless charging opportunity is quite high. 2013 Overall annual output of up to 117 Billion, therefore, there are already many manufacturers trying to break into the Hong Kong market share.

Product Specifications

1, input voltage: DC4.8-5.2V;

2, the transmission power: 5W

3, the charging current: 5V500-1000mA

4, transmission distance: 5-8mm

5, product specifications: 170 * 83 * 14.5mm

6, Weight: 190g

7, Packing: 120 * 113 * 54mm

8, Package weight: 470g

9, the charging efficiency: ≥70%

10, the battery capacity: 6000mA

11, the implementation of standards: QI Wireless charging standard

12, the adapter had CE / UL / FCC certification

13, color: black, white, red

14. Carton size: 415 * 355 * 240mm

15, QTY: 24pcs ��

This product is suitable for the following models:

Nokia Nokia Lumia920 820

Google Google LG Nexus 4

HTC Butterfly X920e 8X / HTC8S (X920e BNM can not be used)

Samsung S4 / i9500 / i9508 / i9300 / Note2 / N7100 (need to reprovision Qi receiver)

Apple iphone4 4s iphone5 (need to reprovision Qi receiver)

And sony l36h / LG optimus G / pro F240K / F240L / F240S / LG KW730 / backgammon vivo X1 / Huawei W3 / Lenovo and other support QI wireless charging of mobile phones

1: stylish appearance, ultra-thin design
2: a plurality of array induction coil, charging any freedom of placement
3: speed connection, without waiting
4: super power, meet at any time, many times, uninterrupted charging requirements
5: knowledge and ability to operate, easy to use, the indicator displays
6: Qi standard, leading industry technology standards
7: complies with the EMC North America, Europe, Japan and other requirements
8: Material green, longer battery life

Product acessories
1, the transmitter
2, packing
3, the charging adapter cable
4. Instructions
5, certificate
6, warranty card