Sliding & Standing Detachable Bluetooth Keyboard Case For Galaxy S4

Sliding & Standing Detachable Bluetooth Keyboard Case For Galaxy S4

Product description:

Model: KRSK05-S4

1. Compatiable with Samsung Galaxy S42. Features: Slide-out & detachable case & backlight/ Standing keyboard

3. Interface: Micro , Bluetooth V3.0

4. Material: ABS+PC

5. Battey: Li-ion 280mAh

6. Standby time : 25 days

7. Dimensions (L x H x D) : 138 mm x 72 mm x 10 mm

8. Net Weight: approx. 170 g

9. Gross Weight: 240g

10. Detachable protective case;

11. Slide-out and tils upright keyboard;

12. Keyboard has LED back-lit;

13. Color: Black, White

Detachable case with Sliding & Standing Keyboard for Samsung Galaxy S4

This is a wireless keyboard with protective case for Galaxy S3. Slide-out style keyboard tilts upright for easy typing.

Wireless connection uses Bluetooth 3.0 version, that is very easy to connect to Samsung Galaxy S4.

Keyboard back-lit makes it possible to type in dark night without light. The back-lit light is soft, there is no harm to your eyes.

The case is detachable. Remove the case from keyboard when not typing, and it is easier to take it with you, especially when making phone calls without a keyboard.

It has a internal Li-ion battery, capacity is 280mAh. It keeps working at least a week after charging