The boat communication EPON integrated network management system

The boat communication EPON integrated network management system

Product description:

EPON Integrated Network Management System (EMS) for the SNMP protocol to communicate using EPON system integrated network management software, which is user to configure the EPON OLT, ONU equipment and systems based on Client / Server architecture, stable, user-friendly, easy to operate,, queries, fault location, performance statistics, alarm processing provides the best management tool. Its open architecture and modular design based on functional design can be extended to support additional managed objects.

(Product Specifications)

Configuration Requirements


P4 2.0G / 512M RAM / 20G hard disk above

operating system

Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 operating system



Managed properties

Topology Management

Support for all NE NE group icon display

Dynamic, real-time display running status of all network elements

Support NE add, delete, modify, arrangement function

Configuration Management

Support ONU MAC authentication and authorization, offline or online configuration

Remote Solution authorization support ONU, and to register with the reset operation, support ONU Dying Gasp trap

Support for PON system LLID, dynamic bandwidth allocation (DBA), encryption, FEC, ranging, port isolation configuration management

Support for Slot and unit status NE managed

Support configuration and queries ACL rule NE, VLAN, MAC address table

Support for NE network management interface, service port (OLT of SNI mouth, PON port, ONU's UNI port) port properties for configuration management

Configuration management support for IGMP, RSTP, NTP, QoS, packet filtering, storm control and other services

Alarm Management

Support for urgent, major, minor, suggesting that four kinds of alarm levels and equipment, quality services, communications, the environment and deal with failed five kinds of alarm type of management

Supported by the alarm level, alarm type, alarm generation starting and ending time, and alarm status query

Support alarm event sound, light (warning lights) indication

Support for manual confirmation of alarms, automatic cleanup

Performance Management

Support for the NE service ports (OLT of SNI mouth, PON port, ONU's UNI port) performance real-time sampling

Support for the NE service ports for 15 minutes, 24 hours performance statistics, historical performance statistics support inquiry

Support for NE boards CPU usage, memory usage, etc. Performance Statistics

Supports graphical analysis of performance statistics show NE

Fault Management

NE veneer hardware support, performance monitoring service port to detect failures or reduced performance

Supports performance threshold settings, providing more than the threshold alarm function

Support failover alarm is automatically cleared

Log Management

Support alarm output to a log file

Support by the administrator, the operation target, the operation start and end time for the log query

Provide administrator access to the operating log

Software Management

Support for OLT and ONU software and hardware version inquiry

Support for OLT line upgrade

ONU supports online upgrade, automatic upgrades, single or batch upgrade


Support database backup, restore and copy

Support for server-to-NE connections link monitoring and alarm notification

Management and maintenance

Supports remote PING or Telnet NE

Security Management

Support Administrator rights management