The boat communication SF40E- | 4FE + 2POTS + CATV port EPON ONU

The boat communication SF40E- | 4FE + 2POTS + CATV port EPON ONU

Product description:

Product Brief

ONU 4FE + 2POTS + CATV products Communication is the boat GEPON OUN Series products GEPON user terminal device that supports two-way POTS (voice) interface, and with a CATV (cable television system) module based on the international standard design 802.3ah GEPON ONU products, the integration of cable television technology and high-quality VoIP technology, while adhering to the technical requirements of China Telecom, have good interoperability, can through the high-speed EPON access service, can provide broadband Internet, voice and TV services to users with mainstream manufacturers OLT central office equipment interoperability and soft exchange service products provide four 10 / 100M broadband access, 2 POTS telephone interface, a cable TV RF interfaces. achieve rich functionality to meet the triple play requirements.


The boat communication EPON ONU 4FE + 2POTS + CATV products as a terminal for small operators, through the optical splitter used in GEPON network. In the network topology maximum 32-channel optical link branches with the central office terminal farthest distance up to 20 km. is placed in a home or small office, or other needs of broadband access, voice access or cable TV applications.

Product Specifications

Main technical specifications

EPON standard


Uplink data transmission rate


Downlink data transmission rate


A fiber optic interface

l Single-mode: SC / UPC

A RF interface

Two POTS interfaces

lRJ11, can support two-way voice / fax service

Four Fast Ethernet interfaces

lRJ-4510 / 100Mbit / s, MDI / MDIX adaptive

Physical characteristics and environmental requirements

Power adapter input

l100V ~ 240V AC, 50Hz ~ 60Hz

Machine power supply

l12V DC

Standard power

l (= 12W

Working temperature

l-5˚C ~ 55˚C

Working humidity

l5% ~ 95% (non-condensing)

Storage temperature

l-40˚C ~ 75˚C

Storage environment humidity

l75% (maximum)


l160mm * 115mm * 32mm (L * W * H)



Product-related standards


l comply with CE, RoHS6, CCC and other standards


l meet VCCI Class B, FCC Part 15 B standard


l comply with UL 60950 safety regulations

Lightning surge voltage protection

l comply with ITU-T K. 21 standard