The boat communication MA800--8 EPON OLT PON ports

The boat communication MA800--8 EPON OLT PON ports

Product description:

8PON port EPON OLT-MA800

MA800 EPON OLT to comply IEEE802.3ah, YD / T 1475-2006 and CTC 2.1 standard for small 1U standard rack infrastructure equipment, which has a flexible, easy-to-deploy, small size and high performance. The product is especially suited in residential broadband fiber access (FTTx), broadcasting 'triple play', power electricity information collection, video surveillance, networking, private network applications and other applications, has a high cost.

(Product Specifications)

Hardware Features

Business Port

Providing eight PON port

Provides four GE uplink interfaces (optical or electrical interfaces, comes Gigabit SFP optical modules or Gigabit SFP electrical interface module)

Management Configuration Interface

Providing 10 / 100Base-T RJ45-band network management port

By any GE uplink ports can be in-band network management

Provide local configuration Serial

Data Exchange

Layer 3 Ethernet switching, switching capacity of 200Gbps, to ensure non-blocking switching

LED lights

RUN, ALM, PW1, PW2 indicates the system is running, alarm, power supply status

PON1 to PON8 indication 8 PON port of LINK and Active status

GE1 to GE4 indicates four GE uplink interfaces and Active status LINK

power supply

220V / 1A AC power input (available upon request optional AC or DC, single or dual power supply products)

Typical power consumption 60W


4.6 Kg

Operating temperature



322.1mm (length) * 482.60mm (width) * 44.7mm (H)

Service Features

EPON standard

Accord IEEE802.3ah, YD / T 1475-2006 standard and CTC 2.1

Dynamic bandwidth allocation (DBA)

Support fixed bandwidth, guaranteed bandwidth, maximum bandwidth, priority, etc. SLA parameter settings

Bandwidth granularity 64Kbps

Security Features

PON line supports AES and Triple agitation (triple churing) encryption

Support ONU MAC address binding and filtering

Three-tier exchange

Static routing


4096 VLAN support added, transparent transmission, conversion and deletion

Support based on port, MAC address, protocol and IP subnet-based VLAN

Support VLAN stacking (QinQ)

MAC address learning

Supports 32K MAC addresses

Hardware-based wire-speed MAC address learning

MAC-based restrictions port, VLAN, link aggregation

Spanning Tree Protocol

Support IEEE 802.1d (STP), 802.1w (RSTP) Spanning Tree Protocol


Support IGMP Snooping and IGMP Proxy, CTC controllable multicast support

Support IGMP v1 / v2

NTP protocol

Support NTP protocol

Quality of Service (QoS)

It supports 802.1p priority queue scheduling

Support SP, WRR or SP + WRR scheduling algorithm

Access Control List (ACL)

Depending on the purpose IP, ACL rule source IP, destination MAC, source MAC, destination protocol port number, source protocol port number, SVLAN, DSCP, TOS, Ethernet frame type, IP precedence, IP packet type carried out by setting

Support the use of the above ACL rules for packet filtering

ACL supports using the above rules set Cos, IP priority setting, mirroring, speed and

Redirect Applications

flow control

Support IEEE 802.3x full-duplex flow control

Support port speed

Link Aggregation

It supports 8-port aggregation groups, each group supports four member ports

Port Mirroring

Uplink interfaces support port mirroring and PON port


Support by warning level log output shield

Support log output to the terminal, and log file server


Supports four alarm severity (critical, major, minor, and warning)

Support 6 alarm types (communications, quality of service, handling errors, hardware equipment and the environment)

Support alarm output to the terminal, log and SNMP network management server

Performance Statistics

Performance statistics sampling time 1 ~ 30s

Union support interfaces, 15 minutes performance PON ONU ports and user ports statistics

Management and maintenance

OLT configured to support preservation, support to restore factory settings

OLT support online upgrade

ONU offline support service configuration and automatic configuration issued

Support ONU remote upgrade and batch upgrade

Managed properties

Support for local or remote CLI management configuration

It supports SNMP v1 / v2c network management, support band, in-band network management

Open interfaces for third-party network management