4FE + CATV port EPON ONU-- receiver built in little light boat Communications

4FE + CATV port EPON ONU-- receiver built in little light boat Communications

Product description:

SF40F EPONONU is built FTTH type CATV optical receiver, in line with IEEE802.3ah, YD / T 1475-2006 and CTC 2.1 standard 4 FE ports EPON terminal device, its small size, good manageability, built-switching function. The product particularly suitable for new residential dual-fiber home (FTTH), with a very high price.

(product description)

l provide two optical ports (one for the PON optical port, the other one is the wavelength of 1310nm or 1550nm CATV optical)

l Provides four 10 / 100Base-T LAN ports adaptive

l provide a CATV coaxial RF input

l export

l provide CATV RF signal gain adjustment manually (MGC) functionality

l DC 12V 1A power adapter

(Product Features)

lCATV optical power receiving range: -10 ~ + 2dBm;

lRF output bandwidth of 870MHz (maximum to 1GHz);

lRF output level 75dBuV, adjustable in the range of 0 ~ 20dB;

l supports 4094 VLAN, support VLAN stacking (QinQ);

l Support port isolation;

l support to 8K MAC address learning and aging wire-speed, support MAC address restriction;

l support port loop detection and alarm reporting;

l Support IGMP Snooping, controllable multicast support CTC;

l support the priority queue scheduling, support SP, WRR or SP + WRR scheduling algorithm;

l Support port speed, support suppression;

l Support Dysing Gasp;

l supports Telnet and CLI;

l Support remote software upgrades.

(Product Specifications)

Hardware Features

Business Port

It provides two optical ports (one for the PON optical port, using SC / PC optical interface; the other one is 1310nm or 1550nm wavelength CATV optical interface, using SC / APC optical interface)

It provides four 10 / 100Base-T LAN interface adaptive

Provide a CATV coaxial RF output port

CATV RF signal to provide a manual gain adjustment (MGC) functionality

Provides built-in optical receiver manual gain adjustment (MGC) functionality

Data Exchange

Built-in Ethernet switching capabilities

LED lights

POWER indicator ONU power supply status

PON, LOS, RUN, LAN1 ~ 4 respectively indicate the ONU registration status, ONU running state, PON port optical signal states and four LAN port Link and Active status

CATV optical receiver built-OPT indicates working status

power supply

DC 12V 1A power input

Power Adapter

100V ~ 240V AC / 50Hz ~ 60Hz


( = 8W


0.58 Kg

Operating temperature



185mm (length) * 110mm (width) * 35mm (H)

Service Features

EPON standard

Accord IEEE802.3ah, YD / T 1475-2006 standard and CTC 2.1

Dying Gasp

Support Dysing Gasp reported


4094 VLAN support

Supports 802.1Q VLAN, SVLAN

Support VLAN Stacking

MAC address learning

Support 8K MAC addresses

Hardware-based wire-speed MAC address learning

Support static MAC address, support MAC address restriction


Support IGMP Snooping, controllable multicast support CTC

It supports 128 multicast groups

Quality of Service (QoS)

Supports the purpose IP, source IP, destination MAC, source MAC, VLAN priority, VLAN ID, Ethernet frame type, 802.1p priority, DSCP, TOS, flow classification

It supports four priority queues, support SP, WRR or SP + WRR scheduling algorithm

Loop Detection

Support port loop detection and alarm reporting

Port Isolation

Support port isolation

flow control

Support IEEE 802.3x full-duplex flow control

Support suppression, support port speed

Management and maintenance

Support Telnet, CLI management configuration support

Support equipment remotely upgrade software and configuration files