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Installation super simple! Plug in the bin! Using fighter flat as technology, super cool fighter experience!
HUD (Head Up Display), hereinafter referred to as HUD, is now widely used in the aircraft's flight aids. Flat as it is meant the pilots do not need to bow to be able to see important information he needs. HUD first appeared in combat aircraft , the pilots need to reduce the frequency of instrument down view, to avoid interruption and loss of attention to states of consciousness (Situation Awareness) master. Because HUD convenience and the ability to increase flight safety, civil aircraft also have to follow up the installation. part of the car industry have In a similar device as a marketing tool to attract customers, but does not widely use.
High-speed driving, especially at night when the high-speed driving, if the driver down to watch the instrument display or viewing audio display, the front in case of emergency it is possible due to too late to take effective measures and cause an accident. To prevent this from happening, a few models Tops with BVR Head Up Display (HUD) system, which can display the information on the driver's head-up range of the front windshield, and the display position, display brightness adjustable. BVR Head Up Display (HUD) system, also known as head-up display device.
HUD, from aviation technology, first developed specifically for the fighters, after gradually applied to the field of civil aviation. 1988, it served as a safety feature installed on General Motors 奥士摩 ratio and Pang 蒂亚克 series cars. Currently, term high-tech range of applications in the car is not very wide, usually in high-end cars in to be able to see more HUD figure, such as BMW, Buick Regal and other vehicles. Founder Technology companies in this year launched a HUD products, and fully reflects the careful care of car users, which is unique in the country for the majority of car owners, Founder Technology companies in the popularity of the high-tech off to a good start.

This product features:

1 OBD interface to obtain data, plug and play, no additional wiring

2 speed, temperature, speed displayed simultaneously, without switching, you want to see

3 alarm temperature is too high, you can customize the set temperature

4 speed alarm, you can customize the set speed

5 speed too high or shift prompted alarm

6 automatically adjust the brightness of the environment, you can manually change the brightness

7 the industry's highest clear screen, ensure visual impact

8 standby current (1MA, please note the mA !!!

9 complete industrial temperature -40 to + 85 degrees, and with a temperature protection

10 Switcher, engine start boot, engine stop shutdown

11 alarm sounds can be displayed simultaneously

12 voice prompts can be set independently, open / close / predetermined times

13 perfect protection, competent car complex electromagnetic environment

Use the supplied reflective film may be some ghosting, but very light, does not affect the use, it is the best tested before the file projection film, reflectivity and light through rate best. Do not use other film, as has been posted riders before the file film to be affixed to our film again does not affect the results.

About some of the basic methods Foil:

A, First need to position the film evenly sprayed some water.

B, The protective layer of the tear film, both sided spray some water, and then paste in the desired position.

C, Adjust the location, use a scraper or a smooth object Calibrating foil, and put inside

Scrapings water until there are no bubbles inside and water so far.

D, After a few minutes, get rid of the water film, gently paint to go around the water droplets and dust is complete.

This product has been a long-term test car real summer temperatures from July to August summer heat + + open direct sun warm air blowing straight, to ensure that no other HUD appear abnormal phenomenon: such as LED flash chaos, chaos shaking hands instrumentation, small lights repeatedly shut down automatically, the seat belt warning, the airbag warning other issues; closed high temperature over 90 degrees after the self-display, hardware security protection, so you can use it !!!


1. OBD DARGON HUD Shiyao suitable for use in the car?

OBD DARGON suitable for use in a vehicle having a OBDII diagnostic interface above, generally as long as the factory since 1996, most of them have obdII interface can be suitably used vehicle OBD DARGON HUD. Because the domestic automotive technology backward, OBD DARGON HUD supports most After 2007 domestic models.

2. My car is suitable for use OBD DARGON it?

If your vehicle has a OBDII interface is basically suitable for use OBD DARGON HUD, OBD DARGON HUD will automatically recognize your vehicle using the protocol according to the protocol of your vehicle.

3. My car OBDII interface Shiyao place?

Generally under the direction of the machine, above the brake pedal. For details, please contact our sales staff or call the 4S shop.

4. OBD DARGON HUD easy to install it? Are need to destroy the original car's lines?

OBD DARGON HUD installation is very easy, you need to find the original car computer testing interface to connect up can be used. In addition OBD DARGON HUD does not need to destroy the original car lines, will not pose a safety hazard for vehicles.

5. OS 600 HUD Shiyao I need to do before you can use to set?

When the first connection of the vehicle, you only need to wait for HUD connected to the vehicle about 10 seconds can be used. Specific reference we provide Chinese instructions.

6. OBD DARGON HUD display clear whether day or night

OBD DARGON HUD applications are traffic lights light technology, in a clear day you can display data on the windshield above. Day or night emission brightness can be automatically adjusted according to the ambient light.

7. OBD DARGON HUD can clear my car trouble codes and turn off the warning light it?

As long as your car can use the OBD DARGON HUD, you can clear the vehicle engine fault code fault warning light on and off.

8. Can I use the same OBD DARGON HUD in a different car it?

Just press the two letters of the alphabet keys to press to restore the factory settings, OBD DARGON HUD can be used in different vehicles above.

9. Can I use OBD DARGON HUD to achieve the purpose of fuel it?

You can change your driving habits via OBD DARGON HUD instantaneous fuel consumption display change function to achieve the purpose of fuel, which is lacking in the original car trip computer functions.

10. WHY vehicle OBD DARGON HUD displays on the vehicle instrument display than slow 4-5kM?

Because, for security reasons, all car manufacturers, are manufactured vehicle speedometer speedometer above artificially adjust the original fast about 5% to 10%, which is considered to reduce safety accidents