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Portable Scanner

Portable Scanner
  • Portable Scanner
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File Scan

◊ important instrument scan data into electronic files for easy access to save

◊ lawyer - can be scanned retained legal dossier

◊ physician - can be an important medical scans retained

◊ pharmacists - may be retained prescription scan

◊ Students - lecture notes can be scanned retained

◊ Bank - can be counter and summons document storage

◊ legal persons - can be retained between documents scan

◊ accountant - can be scanned accounting transactions, reports and other retained

◊ architect - construction drawings can be scanned into an electronic document retention and so on.

* Books scanning bound books need not be dismantled or document file, you can retain the scan can easily be stapled books, contracts, journals and other scanning archiving, to overcome the traditional scanning device is slow and difficult to deal with the shortcomings of binding books

* Real-time transmission over the Internet, you can scan the contents of e-mail, fax or electronic real-time transmission

* Briefing can show the way through the projection, on-site operation and display products, the effect of increasing the briefing

* Photocopy action with client's printer, copier became action, anytime, anywhere to those who need file photocopies increase convenience action live

Family Application

♥ like the right kind - can be like home ownership, lease, contract of sale books, book contracts or single tax retained.

♥ commemorate class - can be some personal manuscripts, diaries, letters, diplomas, etc. permanent preservation.

♥ rights protection class - can be all kinds of payment documents, water, electricity, gas, parking fees receipts retained.

♥ family photo album establishment

♥ former can not yet digitized photograph, scan save.

♥ My Library

♥ relaxed personal purchase of books, scanning into color e-books, newspapers and magazines, or scan some data on to replace the traditional functions of newspaper clippings, as well as access to more convenient use.