Ipad Mini bamboo computer casings

Ipad Mini bamboo computer casings

Product description:

ipad mini bamboo computer casings

Material: carbonized bamboo

Features :

  • Pocket full of luxury, elegant atmosphere IPAD MINI protective shell, classic and fashion Here you can get the interpretation.

  • That gives you a natural bamboo texture, it will bring you the feeling of flying in general! Our bamboo shell materials are 100% original material.

  • Use bamboo shell, feel mellow, with more time to use, more and more shiny surface, and can enhance the taste of a man, fully personalized noble qualities .

  • Bamboo shell fine workmanship, fit closely with the IPAD MINI, it is a unique, rare IPAD protective shell, suitable for gifts donated to the ....

  • Personalized engraving, can be customized to map images, text, symbols, etc. highlight the owner's personality ..