Mine explosion-proof LED roadway lights, 24W flameproof LED roadway lights Price

Mine explosion-proof LED roadway lights, 24W flameproof LED roadway lights Price

Product description:

Mine explosion-proof LED roadway lights, 24W LED mining overview flameproof roadway lights Price
1, the product is the latest materials manufacturing LED light source roadway lights and constant current source voltage source do lighting, with obvious energy-efficient and long-life characteristics, high luminous efficiency, brightness, light normal average life expectancy more than 50,000 hours to solve the frequent replacement of ordinary lamp downhole problems.

2, the product applicable to a gas and coal dust dangerous mines, and electrical and mechanical caverns for yard, center substation, roadway transportation, pumping stations and other places for lighting purposes.

Mine explosion-proof LED roadway lights, 24W flameproof LED roadway lights Price Model composition and on behalf of significance:

Explosion-proof type: Mine Explosion-proof mark: ExdI.

1, this product can work reliably under the following conditions:

(1) The altitude does not exceed 2000m; (2) having a gas (methane) and coal dust in mines;

(3) the ambient air relative humidity less than 97% (+ 25 ℃ when); (4) Ambient temperature -20 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃;

(5) without damage the metal and insulation corrosive gas or steam environment; (6) no dripping water and other liquid immersion places;

(7) No severe vibration and shock.

DGS24 / 127L (A) Flameproof LED roadway lights structural features

NOTE: In a flameproof joint or joints shall correspond to the outer surface of the striking stenciled range.

DGS24 / 127L (A) install and use mine explosion-proof LED roadway lights

1. Remove the three fixing screws, turn right on the cover;

2, the cable wiring diagram by introducing a device connected to the power line and the ground. Because other wire factory have been even better, close the door and can be fixed.

DGS24 / 127L (A) Flameproof LED roadway lights repair

Note: Before opening the flameproof chamber must cut off the power supply!

1, require maintenance and replacement lamps are mainly constant voltage constant current source.

2, open the right cover, the mounting screws, remove the constant current source.

3, into the new constant current source, is inserted and fixed.

4. Close the right cover and secure, you can.

5. When removing the lamp, do not bruise surface explosion.

6, when the transparent cover accumulation of coal dust or dirt should be removed, in order to maintain its transparency.

7, when the aging seals or gaskets should be replaced.

DGS24 / 127L (A) Flameproof LED roadway lights Ordering and packing Accessories

1 shall indicate the lighting type, voltage, power and quantity when ordering;

2, along with the product packing accessories:

(1) product manual;

(2) Product inspection certificate.

3, the product found quality problems, please timely feedback to me, we will promptly to the field service according to the situation, such as improvements to products, please call us to come to guidance.

DGS24 / 127L (A) Flameproof LED roadway lights warranty provisions

The company provides maintenance services for life for users, provide free maintenance for one year from the date of shipment.

Irresistible external factors or human factors; unauthorized modification or repair; beyond the mandate specified in the instructions; damage caused by mishandling, etc. are not covered under warranty.

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