Explosion-proof LED flood lights, explosion-proof LED spotlight manufacturer

Explosion-proof LED flood lights, explosion-proof LED spotlight manufacturer

Product description:

Explosion-proof LED flood lights, explosion-proof LED spotlight manufacturer application:
1. applies to zone 1 and zone 2 dangerous places;
2. apply II a, II b and II class c explosive gas environment;
3. suitable for explosive gas mixture temperature: T1~T4;
4. widely used in oil exploration, training oil, chemical, military and other hazardous environments, and offshore oil platforms, oil tankers and other dangerous places, scene and lighting purposes;

Explosion-proof LED flood light, LED explosion proof lighting manufacturers products feature:
1, cast aluminium alloy shell with plastic-sprayed surface; In appearance, simple structure, easy to install;
2, lamps using a professional thermal design ensures long life LED lamps run;
3, glass lens using a special tempered glass, withstands 7J impact resistance, high strength;
4, steel pipe and cable wiring;

Explosion-proof LED flood lights, explosion-proof flood light LED technical parameter:

1, explosion-proof mark: ExdII
2 protection class: IP65
3, working environment:-20 ℃ ~ 40℃
4, rated voltage: AC220V 50Hz
5, power: 30W, 40W
6, lamp lighting angle: 160 °
7, color temperature: 4500~6500K
8, imaging index:) 75
9, weight: 2.8Kg
10, overall dimensions: φ 220X215

Explosion-proof LED flood lights, explosion-proof LED spotlight manufacturer Product picture:

BED-40 explosion-proof high power LED flood light features:
1, electricity province: explosion-proof LED lamp power consumption is extremely low power consumption for traditional light source 10%-20%, 20WLED lighting incandescent equivalent to 150W-200W;
2, long service life, maintenance-free, high safety performance: imported high quality LED as the light source, the life of more than 50,000 hours of LED light sources, explosion-proof LED lights work 24 hours a day, frequent replacement lamp does not need to maintain a thorough solution to the existence of security risks; Also due to the low operating temperature of LED light sources so that its security can be greatly improved;
3, strong applicability: explosion-proof LED lamp uses the unique power supply mode, sharing between 100V-265V to work correctly, and brightness without any change. Strong explosion, high shock and vibration resistance, good resistance to damp-heat sealing advantages; Service life of 5 years, in line with national standards for new, energy-saving, compared with incandescent lamps energy-saving 90% or so, compared with energy-saving lamps energy-saving 60%;

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