Flameproof machine lights, mining explosion-proof lighting

Flameproof machine lights, mining explosion-proof lighting

Product description:

Flameproof machine lights, mining explosion-proof lighting

DGY9 / 127L flameproof machine lights, also known mining machine lights, flameproof lighting (hereinafter referred to as lamp) is widely used in various mining electric locomotives and various types of mining locomotive lighting.

DGY9 / 127L flameproof machine lights Environmental Conditions
1, the altitude does not exceed 1200m;
2, the ambient air temperature is -20 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃;
3, ambient air humidity; monthly average humidity less than 95% (the average temperature of not more than 25 ℃ when).
4, with respect to the longitudinal direction of the locomotive, the lateral and vertical vibration amplitude shall meet the following conditions; (f- vibration frequency, A- amplitude); A≤25 / f (f is 2-10Hz) A≤250 / f2 ( f is 10-50Hz)
5, with respect to the longitudinal acceleration of the locomotive is not greater than 30m / s2;
6, in the air enough to corrode metal and damage the insulation of gas and conductive dust;
7, suitable for containing methane and coal dust explosive mixture environment.

DGY9 / 127L basic parameters of mine flameproof machine lights

Model Specifications

Rated voltage ( V )

rated power ( W )


weight ( kg )

Installation pitch ( mm )

Dimensions ( mm )

DGY-9 / 24L



40m Office 2.5Lx




DGY-9 / 48L



DGY-9 / 127L



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