Mini USB Hedgehog Heating Warm Hand Heated Massager

Mini USB Hedgehog Heating Warm Hand Heated Massager

Product description:

Mini USB Hedgehog Heating Warm Hand Heated Massager
What a lovely hedgehog figure! This small gadget has multifunction. It can be a warmer to warm your hand in cool weather, and also can be a massager to soothe your pain and tired. How can it do? Just connect it to the USB slot on your PC and it will tell you. With the lovely appearance and good touching surface, once you fondle it, you will feel hard to put down.

*Interesting Design: Cutie figure, eye-candy colors
*Use in all-year: paperweight and massage in anytime, warm hand in winter.
*Humanized design: Surface made of environmental latex, good feeling for touch. And the product contour is ergonomic designed, perfect to every part of body massage:
1. Bottom: Soft pad for human body parts which are easy feel tired (neck, shoulder, haunch, etc)
2. Back: Arc design for face and other parts directly touch skin.
3. Mouth: Cusp design for acupoint (acupuncture point) on head, face or neck.
Massage function: soothe pain and tire, quicken fat consume and promote blood circle
Hand Warmer: Press the Warmth and wait for 5 minute it heated and keep the temperature at 45 (±3)
Led indicator: Easy to know working status.
*Material: ABS, Latex, Metal
*Input Voltage: 4.5V
*Rating Power: 1.6W
*Lifespan: More than 10000 hours
*Color: Blue/ Red/ Pink/ Orange (Will send randomly if buyer not specify)
*Size: L105 x W73 x H50 mm
Package Included:
*1 x USB Hand Warmer Massager