49 Keys Roll UP USB Soft Flexible Keyboard Piano with MIDI

49 Keys Roll UP USB Soft Flexible Keyboard Piano with MIDI

Product description:

49 Keys Roll UP USB Soft Flexible Keyboard Piano with MIDI
*Keyboard: 49 Keys roll as an international standard keyboard keys, keyboard can be rolled up, small, easy to carry.
*49-key keyboard, 6 demonstration songs, 16 tone;
*10 kinds of rhythms, 8 drum rhythm, sound recording function; One One sound function keys, 16-step volume control
*32 beat control, external headphone output (headphones not deserve) ,
*External DC power input, automatic sleep function
*Appearance: Light and thin design, simple and beautiful.
*Scale: a4AFull-scale, bringing international standards of sound.
*Sound: Built-in128 Kinds of sounds.
*And rhythm: Built-in100Kinds of rhythm.
*Demo songs: Built-in40The first demo songs available for study and appreciation of classical music.
*Built-in speaker: Built-in speakers sound crisp and mellow, melodious sweet. Can connect an external stereo headset
*MIDI OUT output channel design and equipment, MIDI OUT line sold separately
*Digital display: Display of hand-rolled state of the piano tone and rhythm
*Recording: 336 notes recording, playback
*Power supply: DC external power supply 6V (restaurant standard) , and the other with 4FestivalAABattery (Requires optional)

The growth of the children studying music very good, One point that has been universally recognized educators and child psychologists out. Both the intellectual development of children, the match with the brain, the pursuit of beauty, or the improvement of training, learning music One door can not be replaced with the benefits of other disciplines. Does not stop there, and then one child's intelligence and cultivation have increased since the future quality of life will undoubtedly be optimized. They're less likely to enjoy the bad taste thing, not easy to feel boredom. Chinese descent, when applying for college, with a music talent is also relatively easy. One Music is a better world, turn on your child into this world, is many parents do and are trying to do.
This toy is hand-rolled the piano to allow children born in the small time will be able to access music, play and raise interest in music entertainment! As a parent, you should do about it ~ ~!