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K819 Alone CCTV System

K819 Alone CCTV System
  • K819 Alone CCTV System
Product code: 21206200001
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K819 Alone CCTV System
K819 TV Out Waterproof Built-card intelligent monitoring one machine

Product Features:
Local storage function
2 loop recording function
3 synchronous recording function
4 file format AVI
5 video format: 640 * 480320 * 240
Dynamic frame rate function
7. TF card maximum support 32GB
8 infrared night vision function
9 video output function
10 remote settings and playback

Technical parameters:
CPU processing: ARM9 32-Bit Microprocessor core
Signal system: Digital Model
Connector: DC12V, OUT interface
Imaging devices: 30 high-Wan high resolution 1/4 COMS image sensor
Lens: Support: 3.6MM/ 4.0MM/ 6.0MM/ 8.0MM (optional, standard 3.6MM)
Charging time: directly powered, plug-and-play
Operating temperature: minus 10 ° ~ 60 °
Recording time: 4GB: The maximum recording time can be recorded more than 24 hours (due to the different environment, specific practical subject)
Storage: external TF card;
Video Format: VGA: 640 * 480/ GIF: 325 * 288
DC power : : input: AC220/110V, output: DC_12V/ 1A
Infrared night-vision: 24 IR LED, effective night vision distance of 5-15 meters.
Clock adjustment: the support clock automatically update (first set)
TF capacity expansion support: 2GB-32GB (recommended adapter SANDISK high-speed card)

Packing information:
Color silver, white (optional)
Product stand-alone weight 0.32KG
Product Dimensions 9.5 * 8.5 * 9.5CM
Packing size 11.5 * 14 * 10CM
Single piece weight 0.58KG
QTY 32 / Box
Packing size 48.5 * 29 * 40.5CM
Gross weight 14.6KG