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MD80 Smallest Mini DV with PC camera and Voice Control Security

MD80 Smallest Mini DV with PC camera and Voice Control Security
  • MD80 Smallest Mini DV with PC camera and Voice Control Security
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MD80 Smallest Mini DV with PC camera and Voice Control Security Camera
Mini DV World's smallest voice recorder
Memorize every wonderful moment with our cool recording gadget -- the smallest digital video camere in the world.
I believe you will love this gadget when you know more about it. What is this? It bind with too many functions, now: You can throw off your PC camera, Digital Camera, USB Disk, Digital Video Recorder, Digital Audio Recorder, Spy camcorder, PC microphone and it is so smart with noise controller, start out to record when theft broken into your car, office, home, etc.
Ultra-small, exquisite, unique user-friendly design, the wirk for Hello, the lives of more safety, convenience and enjoyment for the network video, live video / surveillance, commercial video / monitor, on-site evidence of Video / monitoring, deployment recording / monitoring and other purposes.
*Ultra-small size of alloy airframe integration design, a variety of occasions to facilitate easy recording / monitoring
*Recorded the impact of voice-activated trigger function to facilitate the deployment of video, a longer time, you want the recorded images
*With PC camera function, the network relax to enjoy life
*AVI format video recording, broadcast convenient PC, to easily upload video sites
*Illumination 2 million high-definition camera
*High-speed dynamic video, instant / response to light environment
*Built-in lithium battery for 2 hours continuous use, voice-activated video can use more time
*Mini USB charging data cable to connect computer and video upload download transfer function
*Full to the folder with the use of smalll gimballed to the whole point of recording / monitoring functions
*Easy installation, suitable carrier materials, the installation of the use of complex scenes
*Unique, ultra-small and delicate design. It can be used in many recording situations. It brings more convenience, safety and funs to your daily life.
*Thumb size alloy housing
*Manually and sound activated recording
*Support AVI video format
*Low illuination, high resolution image with 2000K pixels
*High speed recording and quick light response
*30 frames per second for 720*480video output, photo taking 1280*1024
*Support USB1.1/2.0
*Can use as PC webcam, support webcam chat.
*Support 32G Micro SD card (Max)
*Built-in Li rechargeable battery lasting for 2 hours recording, stand by time over 250 hours.
*Easy operation with LED indicator
*Flexible instalation with clip and bracket