1Channel USB DVR

1Channel USB DVR

Product description:

1 CVBS video input, 1 S-Video input, 1 left audio input, 1 right audio input, 1ch USB DVR with only security software

1Channel USB DVR
*With professional secuirty software system, motion dection, alarm. Auto to snap and recording
*Date & Time can show or not on capture screen
*Support timer shot
*Support snap shot, capture and saves an instant picture
*Support mulit-kind recording, compressor, decode on video and audio
*Displays and allows capture of destination path and filename of capture file.
*Optional video and image capture size in different resolutions
* Motion Dection: scan object while detects motion, capture still while detects motion, open alarm sound while detects motion
*Adjustion of video brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, white balance, etc.