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LM-04 Car Mini USB Humidifier

LM-04 Car Mini USB Humidifier
  • LM-04 Car Mini USB Humidifier
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LM-04 Car Mini USB Humidifier

Capacity: 180ml
wo-level humidification.
For Daily use, comfortable, healthy and convenient.
It is suitable to be used in your Bedroom, office room and car.
Special design to make the machine work stable in the car.
Automatic low water level protecting function.
Three power supply method: AC/ DC adaptor, USB cable, Car adaptor
This device may be used with essential oil; but essential oil must be water soluble and you may drop at most 6 drops of such oil into water each time.
Technical Features:
Rated Voltage: DC5V
Rated Power: 2W
Volume of humidification: 30ml/ h for 1st level
10ml/ h for 1st level
Applicable space: 20m2
Working ambient temperature: 10-40oC
Operation Instruction:
Add water: Hold the head cover with one hand and the water cup with another; turn the head cover counterclockwise, the lift it upward and take it out of the body, add purified water until reaching the upper level line
Soak the cotton stick: Hold the head cover tightly with the left hand and its fixed bushing with the right hand, turn it counterclockwise and gently lift it out; then soak it in water for 5mins; after that, place it into its home position, gently lift up its flexible bushing several times
Until it touches the fogging piece completely.
Place the head cover gently into water and tighten it clockwise.
Insert one terminal of the USB cable into the power port and another into the PC port (or the port of the equipped car charger converter or the power port of the mobile phone charger) and then power on.
Gently press the Switch/ Function Key once, then the indicator of this device will light up and the spray jet will have continuous spray out. In such case, it means the device is in the continuous working status. Press the Switch/ Function Key again. Then the indicator will flicker once and this device will automatically adjust to the intermittent spray of working 5s and suspending 10s. Press the Switch/ Function Key the third time, then the indicator will be off and this device will be in power-off state.

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The arrival of summer, we recommend that you add a cup of water inside the ice, out of gas really is a good cool cool feeling! ! ! Spray mist is cold and colorless Oh. . . (Do not avoid heating the water in, it is cold fog film, heating the water will cause damage to the device)
Air flow due to some factors such as humidity and poor ventilation or room, will affect the water vapor condenses on the table, the proposed pro plus a small piece of cloth at the bottom of the humidifier.
Pro can be equipped with essential oils to use, but remember essential oils must be water-soluble products, and a maximum of 6 drops of essential oil in the water drops.
Found during the film using atomized water droplets or water film surface area affect the spray effect, with a dry cotton swab to gently wipe the fog film surface. While not in contact with a hard spray sharp pieces, so as not to damage the unit.
As the humidifier to go through physical testing when shipping, so there may not dry the cup of water traces the phenomenon.
Has almost become a modern computer age, whether at home or company, are most of the time at the computer every day, like to sleep in addition to the owner one day get up to eat at the computer, lips and skin are often very dry. In addition to drink plenty of water, the owner suggested in the office can also put a humidifier, you can adjust both the indoor air temperature can also prevent disease, to eliminate static electricity, beauty care, but one can be applied to the whole office humidifier cost is very expensive of, nor how many owners are willing to staffing such an electrical device, then why not enjoy it a Mini Humidifier
As people continue to strengthen awareness of environmental protection, air pollution inside the car more and more people's attention, experts believe that the current prevalence of domestic automotive interior air pollution problems, but of degree. It is reported that air pollution comes mainly from the car seat, roof used in textiles, plastics and other accessories. The residual material during processing additives used in the car early, slowly released, thus causing harm to human health. In addition, a variety of automotive air conditioning emit odor, the enemy can not be ignored. However, it is all over the world are concerned about the car interior pollution problem. Continuous development in a rapidly changing society, more and more families began to use the car, more families in the plan to buy a car, while Health is the eternal pursuit.
Novel travel with humidifier purifier makes your journey comfortable. Humidifier purifier will be placed anywhere in your car, desk or in the office, you can breathe fresh and moist air. Dedicated portable humidifier purifier car, so you no longer dry, breathe better.