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USB Coffee Cup Mini Humidifer

USB Coffee Cup Mini Humidifer
  • USB Coffee Cup Mini Humidifer
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USB Coffee Cup Mini Humidifer

This product can both improve working efficiency and add moisture, It is very useful for office worker. A mini portable personal gadget which has prominent humidification effect, and let you enjoy the fresh air anytime and anywhere. Neutralize with the smoke, dust, and gas molecules, and makes them deposit naturally. The multi-functional product can effectively control the air-conditioning disease'. It can also agglomerate anion around computer screens, which can eliminate static electricity, prevent myopia, and do well to human health and beauty.

1. if no use on the weekend, pls pull off the water from humidifier.
2. Please use purified water
3. Please use tissue wipe the mist net after used for a period time
4. Donnot pour essential oil into the water, because lead can easily plug the swab out of the fog.
5. Please change the sponge stick when the fog wane
6. If you find fog smaller please change the sponge stick
7. Used for a period of time, use a good cleaning of the mist net tissue, so that spray will return to normal.
Some other functions:
1. Put some cordate houttuynia in the water can prevent cold;
2. Put some vinegar in the water will be sterilization; and put some salt will release sphagitis;
3. Put some floral water will release nasal obstruction;
4. Put the mini humidifier by the side of your computer will release computer radiation;
Notice: essential oil is not permitted to put inside the coffee cup humidifier, it will damage the mini usb humidifier.
1. turn on the lid, put into water. Mounted a glass of water each, can be used continuously for 10 hours .
2. the water put into the lid of sliver, tightening the cover;
3. plug in the power, while the USB connection , while then humidifier .
4. slide open the top of a small cap, humidifier to work, close to stop work