1 to 10 Car Multi-function USB Charger

1 to 10 Car Multi-function USB Charger

Product description:

1 To 10 Multi-function USB Charger
with car charger

Compared with other similar USB charger, these adapter are together on USB end. So it is not only easy to loss, but also the extend line make you more convenient to charge several devices simultaneously while need not change different connector for every device.
You can choose to purchase extra car charger and home charger in order to achieve application without a computer. A car, a family, a company, coupled with the combination of USB charger, it can solve 95% of the charging problems on cell phone, MP3, MP4, game console, digital camera, PDA, mobile phone etc.
As electronics products are used widely, this is necessary gadget for office, car / home / guest houses, hotels, restaurants, cars, shopping malls etc. for those people who did not bring the charger for personal use.