PC to TV Conveter Audio and Video Synchronously

PC to TV Conveter Audio and Video Synchronously

Product description:

PC to TV Conveter Audio and Video Synchronously

*Entertainment applications: MPEG4 movies you download, complete home theater and home combination allows you to easily experience the cinematic
*Office applications: you may also need to demonstrate notebook multimedia document rendered by a large-screen TV to your audience

Input and Output:
PC Input: Support for one VGA input, support resolution of 640x480 60/72/75/85Hz, 800x600 60/75Hz, 1024x768 60/75Hz, 1280X1024 60HZ.
TV output: 1 Video output port, Default NTSC (Taiwan, the United States) generally TV can automatically identify and can be modified to support the NTSC-to EIAJ (Japan) , PAL (Europe, China) PAL-M (Brazil) , PAL-N (Uruguay, Paraguay) and other country TV system
The a Sideo output ports, 1 Audio output port, Left and right audio stereo outputs.

*The world's first to support audio PC TO TV Converter
The volume is smaller only palm-sized, more suitable for portable, USB power, you are out of lecture time more easily carry.
*Pure hardware conversion, support for all computer systems including all types of PC, MAC and other computers. No driver required, plug and play.

Accessories List
Carton size: 43 * 33 * 38 CM
Carton Weight: 13.5KG (28 sets)
Actual weight: 12.5KG