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USB Webmail Email Notifier with USB HUB

USB Webmail Email Notifier with USB HUB
  • USB Webmail Email Notifier with USB HUB
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USB Webmail Email Notifier with USB HUB
With the USB Notifier Webmail Notifier/ Email Notifier with 4 Port USB 2.0 HUB, all it takes is a glance at the color of the envelope to tell how many unread email messages, instant messages, and Skypes you have waiting for you on your computer. There is no need to even turn on your monitor to check if you have any new messages, because this USB notifier is working in the background to find out if any new messages have arrived and alert you to how many are waiting.
It is compatible with popular webmail services and email/ POP3 clients including Gmail, Outlook, Outlook Express, and Yahoo. The IM notifier is compatible with Skype and MSN Messenger. In addition to working as a email and instant message notifier, this unit also features a 4 port USB 2.0 hub.

*It works in the background to inform you every time you receive a personal email and even the capacity of unread emails
*Email indicator will light up in multi-color when you receive new emails
*Webmail Notifier compatible with Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook Express/ MS Office Outlook and POP3
*IM Notifier compatible with MSN Messenger, Skype
*Powered by USB, no battery required
*Easy operating software, Compatible with Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista/
*4 USB ports and compatible with USB 1.1 and 2.0
*Supports 480 Mbps data transfer rates
*Easy to use, plug-and-play