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TAWA sleeping bag outdoor winter adult warm sleeping bag | can be spliced ​​into a couple outdoor camping sleeping bag

TAWA sleeping bag outdoor winter adult warm sleeping bag | can be spliced ​​into a couple outdoor camping sleeping bag
Product code: 21192700030
Unit price 15.83-40.93$
Sold quantity 24118
Available stock 1263

Product parameters:

  • Brand: TAWA
  • Item No .: TWSD-140708SD
  • Style: Envelope / Rectangular
  • Comfortable temperature scale: 5 ℃ -15 ℃
  • Applicable season: winter
  • Limit temperature scale: -3 ℃
  • Time to market: Fall 2014
  • 1.3KG feather cotton 1.6KG feather cotton to send the pillow perfect stitching 1.6KG L, R to send the pillow recommended 1.8KG down to send cotton pillow perfect Stitching 1.8KG L, R to send pillow wine red thicker models 2KG down to send cotton pillow perfect stitching models 2KG L, R to send a pillow
  • Total weight: 2kg
  • The price range: 501-1000 yuan
  • Commodity series: cotton sleeping bag
  • Applicable number: can be spliced ​​double sleeping bag
  • Suitable for: adults
  • Filling: chemical fiber
  • Sleeping bag Category: cotton sleeping bag
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 720
  • Outer fabric: 210T Polyester spunbond coating Water repellent
  • Lining material: cotton
  • Sleeping Bag Size: Standard (for 1.8 meters and below height)

Adult Enveloped outdoor sleeping bag with cap for warmth and comfort
Basic Information
Brand: TAWA name: Comfortable warm-type can be spliced ​​with outdoor sleeping bags
model: TWSD-140708SD constitute: Sleeping bag, pillow, outer bag
Colour: sky blue Warranty: 3 years
Product Features
size: (180 + 30) cm * 75 cm
Fabric: 210T anti-tear polyester cloth (water repellent)
Rib: Cotton lattice flannel (skin-friendly)
Charging cotton: 300g / m2 high-quality down cotton (warm)
Outer bag: 210D Oxford cloth strong outer bag Dimensions: 26 * 36cm
pillow: Material: Fabric / cotton cloth Filling: 200g Size: 35 * 24cm
Versatile: Can do single sleeping bag, can be opened to do quilts or mats, can be stitching
friendly reminder
Warmth: It is filled with high-quality down cotton, and the warm-keeping rate is higher than the cotton fiber. The service life is more than 3 times higher than that of cotton fiber, and the density of 300g / m ^ 2 can not only absorb heat, but also save the outside air.
Waterproof: The external use of 210T polyester fabric, high textile density, professional rain-resistant tear fabric, the strong waterproof test, in case of emergency spilled water quickly fall, can effectively protect the dryness and warmth of cotton, outdoor comfortable.
Skin-friendly: Inside the fabric with cotton flannel, skin contact instant feel comfortable and soft, outdoor night will not be cold because the fabric and thorn skin and wake up.

Envelope sleeping bag: warm weight generally heavier use of a wide range

Mummy sleeping bag: warm and better light weight surface using a single

Tawa outdoor camping sleeping bags, both envelopes and mummy-style sleeping bags advantages: warm, good use, wide range of uses (when the quilt / mat), space is reasonable (can turn over)