DIVE & SAIL genuine anti coral diving socks | Snorkeling socks | Warm socks beaches | diving supplies and equipment

DIVE & SAIL genuine anti coral diving socks | Snorkeling socks | Warm socks beaches | diving supplies and equipment

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: DIVE & SAIL
  • Product Number: DS-002
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 76
  • Color classification: sky blue Description Size photographed please refer to black high-elastic thick towel bottom pink photographed, please refer Description Size fluorescent yellow photographed photographed, refer to refer to black Description Size Description Size
  • Size: XS S M L XL
  • Sports & Outdoors items: Diving
  • Time to market: 2013 summer

Q: This product will be launched after the water it?

A: All diving clothing, gloves, hats and socks are wet shop sales, and of course water, but because of the different products use different production process, so cold in the water temperature alternating frequency are not the same!!
Q: water insulation also how to die?
A: Insulation works wetsuit is heated by body temperature between the skin and the wetsuit sandwich of cold water and warm water diving suits to protect this layer is to play after warming does not drain, so that the body temperature in the water yet, achieve warm function. This is like winter wear thick clothes to prevent the loss of warm air!

Tourism and leisure and entertainment resort swimming diving

Diving socks is more practical, more comfortable to wear than diving shoes. Shoes diving off the beach, will foot into the sand. There are shoes to wear a swim, afraid of the shoes will fall when the yo-yo, there are sand shoes footrest One can imagine diving shoe is really troublesome.

Recommended diving socks there is a reason for wearing socks to wear flippers can. Also protect the foot is not foot wear, and when ashore dead coral and stones will not be cut foot.

Size Description:

XS code: code for foot 30-33 yards
S code: suitable for 34-36 foot Code yards
M code: yards for 37-39 yards feet
L code: suitable for 40-43 foot Code yards
XL code: suitable for 44-45 foot Code yards

Product desciption:

Name: non-slip bottom diving socks thick

Material: SCR + nylon double-sided

Diving socks size details:

This is an advantage compared with ordinary socks diving socks is that it is the bottom of the RBI to increase friction to strengthen anti-skid function, socks and Velcro mounted automatic deduction, better beam furrowed water, more warm and comfortable

1: Suitable for divers wearing, stab, cut, scratch, cold injury (Note: the need to protect the hands and feet when diving at a temperature of hands and feet warm waters also have to protect the unit against sharp coral cuts generally woven knit gloves. sparse gap between the lines, it can not prevent the stinging cells through, so can not be more complete protection)

2: personnel wearing suitable to wear flippers buyers want to buy adjustable diving flippers do not want to buy the shoes, now wear diving socks directly on it.

3: personnel wearing winter swimming, cold, no longer walk barefoot or barefoot on the ice in the water swimming.

4: at home, wearing a winter home at night Internet access, cold feet very odd, to put it immediately warm up, walk and very comfortable cotton slippers can not Oh!