USB Lava Glitter Lamp

USB Lava Glitter Lamp

Product description:

USB Lava Glitter Lamp
Add a bit of spice to ypur office, cubicle or desk, with this cool USB-powered lava lamp. Juast plug it into a USB port and watch it change colours, bringing a nice ambience to your work environment. It's best for your desk decoration and funny gifts!!!
*Changes color automatically, With rich color base for you: white/ black/ red/ blue/ green/ yellow ect.
*Sparkling glitter adds to the effect, creating interesting reflections
*Just plug it into a USB port and it lights up, no additional software required.
* Lamp housing color : silver
*Suitable for any USB port of notebooks and ordinary computers;
* AA batteries or USB could supply power;
* Gentle light with a kind of color turning into another
Packing Details:
Product Measure: 58*165cm
Packing Material: White box packing
Packing Measure: 6.3*6.3*17cm
Carton Measure: 67*34.5*36cm
Content Qty: 100pcs
G.W. / N.W.: 16/15kg