Foldable Flaming Wheel Cooling Pad

Foldable Flaming Wheel Cooling Pad

Product description:

Foldable Flaming Wheel Cooling Pad
It helps keep your laptop cool and not become a victim of overheating which can cause a number of problems: sluggish performance, battery fires & burnt out processors. Extends notebook life by decreasing its operating temperature.
*Unique Flaming wheel, wheel away the heat.
*Fresh usage, total-new taste, it is quiet
*Thoughtful design: placing and positioning design of wire
*Collecting slot and USB plug
*Slim size after folded, easy to carry
*Support standard 7-14 laptop
Pressure 5VDC
Currency 0.23±10%A
Input power 1.15 W
Fan rotating speed 2000±10%RPM
Max input air 13.85CFM
Bearing Type Hudro Bearing
Total Expanding 230 x 230 x 24.5 mm
Total Folding 130 x 130 x 24.5 mm