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Wireless Fish Hand-Held Mouse

Wireless Fish Hand-Held Mouse
  • Wireless Fish Hand-Held Mouse
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The Fish Hand-Held Mouse
If you are one of those lazy bloggers with a 60″ LCD TV hooked up to your PC in your bedroom and you blog on your bed, you will definitely need to get one of these Fish Handheld Mouses that can be used without a mouse surface.
The Fish is a revolutionary new hand held mouse that will change the way we use computers.
*Wireless operation upto 10meters
*With no complicated set up or software, The Fish simply plugs into any available USB port and is ready to use.
*Being hand held, surfing the Internet, playing games, designing or editing becomes a pain free pleasure.
*Without the need for a flat surface, The Fish is ideal for use with a laptop computer on trains or planes, where room is restricted.
*The Fish is also the perfect computer controller for business presentations.
*Support Macintosh operating systems, Windows 98/2000/ XP, etc.