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Magic Wireless Touch Mouse Seamless Apple iMouse

Magic Wireless Touch Mouse Seamless Apple iMouse
  • Magic Wireless Touch Mouse Seamless Apple iMouse
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Magic Wireless Touch Mouse Seamless Apple iMouse
*The appearance is beautiful, fashionable and generous, ultra-thin design, noble and gorgeous exclusive
*Swinging buttons for left and right, middle pulley touch, feel good
*Easy to use, free of code match, plug and play, remove the battery to automatically unpair
*Super energy-saving light (when using the mouse, you almost can't see the light with naked eyes) , less light design, intelligent power management design, low-power mode to save battery power consumption
*With use of transparent acrylic panels, the surface smooth like a mirror, no sticky dust
*The mouse movement is smooth, no glitches.
*Mouse is ability to adapt to a smooth black surface, smooth white surface, smooth red surface etc.
*It adapt shimmer positioning technology, mouse positioning is more accurate, more fluid use.
*2.4G wireless RF transfusion technology to transmit power 0dB, receiver sensitivity-98DB
*64 frequency hopping channels, each interval 1MHZ.
*Straight-line operation distance is over 15 meters.
*High-performance intelligent wireless technology, the use of frequency hopping transmission, strong anti-jamming capability; can automatically avoid 2.4G wireless router, 2.4G wireless headsets, Bluetooth device interference.
*Hopping transmission technology, the same office can support 32 sets of equipment used simultaneously with each other is not affected.
*Mouse-power smart design, a variety of low-power mode to conserve battery power consumption. Mouse power in the case of full-speed mobile, less than 11 mA (mouse on white paper, the operating voltage is 3V) .
*Mouse can detect if the computer is closed, and automatically enter the lowest power consumption when the computer is off, then the current is less than 50 microamps