Wireless Air Intelligent Sensor Mouse AirMouse

Wireless Air Intelligent Sensor Mouse AirMouse

Product description:

Wireless Air Intelligent Sensor Mouse AirMouse
*Built-in direction sensor, motion-sensing control
*Application in air or on desktop, dual use.
*2.4G technology
*Intelligent sensor to distinguish
The air smart sensor mouse is an input device to operate the screen cursor like a traditional mouse, but do not need to be placed on any flat surface, can be ued directly in the air by shaking. Not like a normal mouse, when it leaves the surface, you can still move cursor around to complete more operations, other using left and right-click and wheel to slide up and down the page. Its built-in G-sensor gravity acceleration sensing system make it workable for any positive, negative, vertical or horizontal state. The freedom and convenience is its identity, you can remote control your PPT presentations to staff far away your computer, operate your TV or HTPC in the living room with this Lazy Tool. The advent of Air Mouse a very large impact on the traditional mouse market!