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Switch To Mac Cable Go Bridge

Switch To Mac Cable Go Bridge
  • Switch To Mac Cable Go Bridge
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Switch To Mac Cable Go Bridge
GO! Bridge for Mac is a user-friendly and simple data transmission (Windows to Mac or Mac to Mac) application via a USB transfer cable to connect two computers. It combines high speed transmission and non-technical requirement which help easily transfer and share data between two computers.
*Window Mode: it allows users to simply check and transfer files of the other computer.
*View files on the other computer: simply click the disk you wish on DEVICES or select PLACES on window mode to browse the folders and the selected folder's file list on the other computer will be shown. User can simply transfer files via drag-and-drop.
*High speed & direct copy between two computers
*Installation free
*Support auto-run feature
*Multi-language auto-recognition: Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, Frech, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian etc.