USB ODD Share PC CD-ROM Link Sharer

USB ODD Share PC CD-ROM Link Sharer

Product description:

USB ODD Share PC CD-ROM Link Sharer
CD driver sharing device-the connect between computers (can use this kind of product realize to cd driver function read cd files) .Through a simple USB cable connection, we let things became very simple. We can let users plug and play under the useing environment , take a computer disk machine converted into general module. in cd-rom to let your small amounts of electricity use directly, not only convenient to carry, can save to add a module. in cd-rom costs.
*Convinient, use it at ant time, without driving, installation and study, simple the shape interface, apple stlye design, fashion apperance, convenient to carry, supports multiple versions and multinational speech.
*Apply to Win98SE, ME, 2000, XP, windows7
*Length: about 1.5meter
*Interface: USB interface
*Need not install driver