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Other info: 36KG White Green Brown
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TYJB Company (Paul Tianyuan Festival www.tybjs.com ) being produced led Apart compact work lamp technology to achieve world-class standards. Lamp metal trim enhance the high-end is also very good texture, the appearance and the market can led Obvious geographical fluorescent separated male mold design in terms of structure which is also in accordance with international standards of the US UL. Germany TUV. Japan PSE Safety design with the world 500 Strong latest technology standards, the platen mode cooling structure Increases led Heat 100% Transfer to aluminum exterior. Ordinary market using public mode flapper way out of the heat dissipation result led Light board and aluminum contact surfaces only 45-50% , Or even lower. Plus pcb When the plate is reflow temperature deformation phenomenon makes patch led Light aluminum plate and the contact area is very limited heat transfer is more difficult to make led Good environment 4 Ten thousand hours life may be compromised to 5000-1 Million hours. The impact of LED application product life and reliability factor of 90% from the cooling and LED power supply, now truly perfect high-reliability power products are not many. TYJB power strip designed to to master the world's top 500 Power engineers designed layout. The company power products 100%

The use of foreign or joint venture the first-line brand components. Greatly increased the whole lamp life and reliability, and through international certification.

At present, many companies are focused on led lamp low-end market, the weight is not heavy quality LED products more and more, about 90% of the companies are in price. Public mode flood. Public touch the product homogeneity is very serious. Understand assembly and understand a little assembly are led into the industry, layman. to buy a power supply and light panels in the market to buy a male mold shell, buy a power granted to the screw marked assembled directly led fluorescent lighting can be sold. Now China led application industry 90% are of this approach. This process is labor-intensive production with clothing and slippers is not much difference, even likened to clothing but also simple. In fact, insiders know not imagine NA me simple, heat - Optical - brightness - luminance - Structure - pressure and safety certification - high and low - Anti-humidity test, life - Reliability can be considered a factor for enterprises, the most important at this time or good products, product quality and appropriate technology but the difference remains at the core level, while the product life cycle to keep up the rhythm, because the market is changing rapidly, accelerated product cycle rhythm. benign enterprise operational We must start from cost control and product differentiation and high-tech products. Only in the market with competitive products in order to grasp the pricing, so as to ensure a reliable profit margins, to achieve the industrial chain business cycle development.