Ion exchange softening treatment

Ion exchange softening treatment

Product description:

Ion exchange softening treatment
Ion exchange device, softening water treatment system main for boiler, hot power station, chemical, light, textile, medicine, biological, electronic, Atomic Energy and the Super filter, anti-penetration water equipment processing of Qian road processing, industrial production by needed for hard water softening, to ion water preparation of occasions, also can for food drug of bleaching purification, your heavy metal, chemical raw materials of recycling, plating wastewater of processing,.

1, high degree of automation: automatic softening water after initial installation and commissioning of equipment, just artificial regeneration with salt added on a regular basis, you can water in automatic continuous production conditions, and save a lot of manpower and material resources.

2, the working exchange capacity, low salt consumption: automatic softening water equipment to avoid the influence of human factors to achieve a strict control, allows the resin exchange capacity generally reaches about 1000 gram equivalents/cubic meter, salt consumption is less than 100 g/g equivalent.

Automatic softening water twin tank with a boiler softened water equipment-automatic soften water, softened water equipment, boiler softened water equipment.

3, low power consumption: commonly used manual salt pump devices require at least one, and often the corrosion problems, maintenance is also directly affects the safe and stable operation of the equipment. Automatic device without salt pumps, power consumption is low.

4, corrosion-resistant, anti-pollution: automatic softening water equipment adopt anti-corrosion materials such as fiberglass, pipeline corrosion-resistant materials, corrosion-resistant ability, so as to solve the corrosion problem.

5, reasonable structure, easy to install: fully automatic equipment design, covering an area of significantly reduced compared to conventional equipment, light structure and makes the device easy to install, can be arranged flexibly according to site conditions.

6, reliable performance, stable operation: years of practical experience in application of, automatic water softening equipment operation stable performance, movement sensitive and reliable. Design and practice of the company a wealth of experience and comprehensive after-sales service, make the equipment in good running condition.