Automatic intelligent reverse osmosis equipment

Automatic intelligent reverse osmosis equipment

Product description:

Automatic intelligent reverse osmosis equipment
Beijing Miao Feng Jie Water Technology Co., Ltd. is a fully automated intelligence equipment, the level and degree of process automation equipment designed for various industrial applications of reverse osmosis to achieve industry-high levels, machine maintenance of a relatively small amount, high intelligence, producing water quality and stability.

Reverse osmosis principle

RO reverse osmosis equipment using the most advanced, energy efficient membrane separation technology, reverse osmosis equipment, the principle is the solution at a temperature above the osmotic pressure of the role of the other substances can not be through the semipermeable membrane and the other substances and water separated. Anti permeable membrane pore size is very small, so the reverse osmosis equipment can effectively remove the water of dissolved salts, colloids, microorganisms, organic matter, etc., reverse osmosis equipment can produce pure water, high pure water, in order to meet the different industries, different needs of users.
When water and brine separated by a semipermeable membrane ideal, the ideal semipermeable membrane allows only water and blocked by salt. In this case the water side of the membrane water spontaneously flows into the salt water through a semipermeable membrane on one side, this phenomenon is called for the penetration, if the pressure applied brine side of the membrane, NA me water flow will be inhibited spontaneous slowed down, when the applied pressure reaches a certain value, the net flow of water through the membrane is equal to zero, this pressure is called osmotic pressure, When pressure is applied to the membrane brine side is greater than the osmotic pressure, the flow of water will be reversed this time, saline water will flow into the water side, the above-mentioned phenomenon is the basic principle of reverse osmosis water (RO) process.

(RO reverse osmosis membrane Fundamentals)

About Reverse Osmosis
RO (Reverse Osmosis) reverse osmosis technology is the use of differential pressure gauges powered membrane filtration technology, research and aerospace technology from the sixties of the twentieth century, the United States, gradually converted to civilian use, has been widely used in scientific research, medicine, food, beverage, water desalination and other fields.
RO reverse osmosis membrane pore size as small nanometer (1 nanometer = 10-9 m), at a certain pressure, H2O molecules through RO membranes, and inorganic salts in the source water, heavy metals, organics, colloids, bacteria, viruses, etc. impurities can not pass RO membrane, so that water can pass through the water and concentrate strictly through the area can not be separated.
General water through water conductivity 5μs RO membrane filtered / cm after (RO membrane filtration effluent water conductance = conductivity * desalination rate, general import reverse osmosis membrane desalination rate can reach more than 99% within 5 years running to ensure that more than 97% of the water conductivity is relatively high, you can use two reverse osmosis, and then after simple treatment, electric conductivity can be less than 1μs / cm), with water levels in line with national standards laboratory. then after atomic ion exchange column loop filter, the water resistance of up to 18.2M .cm, exceeding the national standard laboratory water level (GB682-92).

Preparation of space, water, pure water, distilled water; liquor manufacturing and reduce the degree of water; pre-prepared medicine, electronics and other industries of water; concentrated chemical process, separation, purification and distribution of water preparation; boiler feed water desalination soft water; seawater, brackish desalination; papermaking, electroplating, printing and dyeing industry, water and wastewater treatment.

(Single-stage reverse osmosis equipment process flow diagram)

Fourth, reverse osmosis equipment configuration Introduction

1. Pretreatment of reverse osmosis equipment

By the multi-media filters, activated carbon filters, automatic softener composition.
Multi-media filter: by automatic control valves, glass, steel cans and different proportions of quartz sand composition class can effectively remove suspended solids in raw water and some colloidal substances, reduce turbidity in the raw water and automatically. backwash.
Activated carbon filter: by automatic control valves, high-quality glass jars and different water level consisting of activated carbon adsorption of heavy metals can be effectively raw water, free chlorine, chloroform and other harmful substances and can automatically backwash...
Food-grade water softener: by automatic control valves, high-quality glass, steel cans and food-grade resin through food-grade water softener can effectively remove water calcium and magnesium ions so that equipment in operation and will not affect the anti-fouling. permeable membrane life. and reproduced automatically.

2, reverse osmosis equipment host portion
Reverse osmosis water purification equipment is mainly composed of host security filters, high-pressure pump, reverse osmosis membrane composed of various controls and display instruments.
Security filter: Security Filter is the raw water into the membrane to protect it before the last pre-treatment can effectively remove substances leaking more than 5μm is to prevent aerosols into the reverse osmosis membrane element in the film deposited on the surface and contaminate the membrane elements. .

High-pressure pump: provide the required pressure reverse osmosis to provide guarantees for the separation of the solvent and solute high-pressure pump is one of the key components of reverse osmosis equipment.

Reverse osmosis membranes Group: Reverse osmosis membrane group is composed of polymeric fibers having a highly ordered matrix structure consisting of its pore size of 1-10 Å, one of a billion of a meter to one billionth of a meter (equivalent. E. sized 1/6000, 1/3000 virus), the use of reverse osmosis membrane separation characteristics, can effectively remove the solvent dissolved salts, colloids, organics, heavy metals, chlorine disinfection to produce three THMs intermediates, bacteria and microbes and other impurities.
Reverse osmosis membrane shell: reverse osmosis membrane elements for receiving, under pressure to produce a high-pressure environment and reverse osmosis operation.
Flowmeters: water meter and concentrated water flow meter were measured RO water, concentrated water flow instantly.
Pressure gauge: Measuring pressure reverse osmosis equipment around.
Concentrated water valve: RO device for adjusting the operating pressure, the proportion of water and concentrated, pure water production.
Conductivity Meter: monitoring of reverse osmosis water conductivity.
Low-voltage switchgear: RO high-pressure pump to prevent idle or working at low pressure limits are exceeded.
Level Controller: According to the raw water tank and water tank level is automatically shut down or start operations on reverse osmosis equipment.
Electronic control system: with conductivity meter and other instruments, control equipment, reverse osmosis equipment of the control center.
Use reverse osmosis to produce pure water, high pure water we carried out a comprehensive design based on the characteristics of each user's industry, equipment capacity water requirements, site conditions and the like.

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