UF wholesale and retail | zjmf-90 type

UF wholesale and retail | zjmf-90 type

Product description:

UF wholesale and retail zjmf-90 type
Beijing Miao Feng Jie Water Technology Co. wholesale, retail various models of complete sets of ultrafiltration membrane and ultrafiltration equipment. Mass market-proven, secure reasonable price, welcome to inquire competitive advantage in the industry.

Beijing Miao Feng Jie Water Technology Co., Ltd. UF description:


Barrel Material: U- PVC , ABS , Plexiglass

Film yarn material: composite PVC (composite PVC )

End sealing material: high hardness, high strength, high adhesion, high toughness, high hygiene levels

Epoxy resin

Seal material: food grade silicone rubber

Structural features

Cover hemisphere protruding structure, compared with other manufacturers cover the planar structure of the end surface

Film yarn more uniform water distribution, greater bearing capacity.

Connecting thread of the housing cover using zigzag thread, increasing the torque and load.

It does not appear slippery teeth . Water leakage.

Impact-resistant casing material, bearing capacity 16KG Or more, and thicker wall thickness

1mm. Fully withstand water pressure shocks may occur, to ensure that the impact water

Depressed fracture phenomenon does not occur, the process avoids the use of ultrafiltration membranes by long-term

Pressure, material creep caused by leakage .

Bonding between the housing and the threaded sleeve made of imported glue adhesive France, bonding length plus

Long, connecting the gap uniform. Does not appear in the course of leaking . Unglued Current

Like, and fully meet the health standards.

The detection of the bonding pressure: 0.4MPa No leak

Pressure and leak-proof design to ensure ultrafiltration membrane does not appear leaking off

Glue, slip teeth, gum storms and other phenomena.

ZJMF90 The total length of the elongated film design 100mm. Increases 15% Membrane area, the effective membrane area than any one of the same size domestic product increases the water production


Generally use vertical installation, from the bottom of the water, using the internal pressure

With φ 32 of UPVC Pipe connections

use UPVC Water glue connection

Product Size

1, the membrane total length: 1210mm

2, center distance: 946mm

3, four interfaces Size: φ32 diameter standard interface

4, cylinder diameter: 90mm